It was December of 2016, when I realized that my friends and family in the beauty and makeup industry loved everything about performing their craft, but did't love the administrative part of it. They wanted to focus on being estheticians and makeup artists. At that point, I set out to create a solution that would help them grow their business while being able to do what they love the most. As a result, BeautiMaps was born! BeautiMaps is the premier global freelancing mobile platform specifically tailored to the beauty and makeup industry. We empower independent professionals and clients to receive and provide beauty and wellness services.

As a part of the BeautiMaps family, we've created the BeautiBuy Marketplace, which is your one stop shop for all things makeup and beauty. We partner with different vendors to bring you a variety of products, such as lashes, bundles, and wigs! So be sure to check back frequently to see if we have something that you would like!

The BeautiMaps mobile app will be available on the App Store in 2021 and we are excited to share the experience with you! Subscribe to our email list and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.


Brandon Adamson
BeautiMaps Technologies LLC.
Founder & CEO
"Find Your Beauty"

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